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What inspired the Globalgasm idea?

Maybe it would be helpful if I explained what inspired the Globalgasm idea.

I was at a sex club outside of Amsterdam with my lover. There were dozens of small sectioned-off rooms. But the walls were thin and you could hear easily through them. As the night progressed, people began making love in the rooms. People from many different countries. Strange foreign words moaned between the gasps and groans. I had no idea what they were saying, but I knew EXACTLY what they were saying.

Regardless of whatever else defined us. Regardless of our nationality or religion. Regardless of our age or how we looked… We were on the same sexual path….in the same mental space.

And because we shared that space, the energy was magnified. Like conversing beams of light. Or Sound waves.

The sexual energy was incredible. I could see no one except my lover. But the presence of others’ sexual energy was undeniable.

This is the goal of Globalgasm.

Creating a heightened level of sexual energy by combining the energies of people world wide.

Now, one can appreciate Globalgasm on this simply erotic level, but I think it is even more powerful than that.

I think orgasmic release is a divine experience. I think it taps into the universal energy (Love, God, The Force, etc.). I think that this energy is powerful and beneficial to the world.

(These ideas are not new and are explored much more intimately by Tantra, Sex Magic, and other disciplines.)

I think that if that energy is released with intent, it can be powerful.

Kinda like prayer. Prayer is sending energy into the universe with intent. And, whether you believe it or not, it certainly can’t hurt.

So Globalgasm is partially an erotic experience, but it is also a spiritual experience. I consider it my once-a-month trip to sexual church. Like a sexual holiday.

But whereas with church you dress in your Sunday best, for Globalgasm, you make yourself sexy.

Honor your sexuality. Take the time to make sex special. If you have a routine, break out of it. Use Globalgasm as the reason to bring up an embarrassing topic with your lover. Use it as an excuse to buy yourself a nice vibrator. Break out a blindfold or whipped cream. It’s a sexual holiday! Treat it (and your own sexuality) with respect!

All of it is part of creating a meaningful, shared experience. Not an experience that takes place in any physical environment, but one that occurs communally in our minds. Like the joining cubicles of the sex club in Amsterdam, our bedrooms and computer terminals become connected. Real connections in a digital space. We may be physically alone, with a partner or with a roomful of participants. But since we share the experience spiritually, it intensifies for all involved.


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