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"recession II "

This is Part II of this post. Part I is here.

“Do I want to help the economy?”

There is another side of me that wants a recession.

I want it to get worse before it gets better.

NO MORE KILLING or deaths, but economically worse, I mean.

Itr seems that this tragedy has pulled us out of the selfish mindset that is inherent in capitalism.

This has opened up so many people’s eyes to the love in their neighbors’ hearts.

Except for the death and injuries, everything else I’m seeing is wonderful.

This has been the most terrible and most wonderful time period I have ever experienced. So much despair and so much hope.

I would like nothing better than to turn all the victims into martyrs for a new world consciousness.

What if looking back, we could say:

Their gave their lives,

To start the economic collapse,

That brought about the dark ages.

Which brought about the world community movement.

If the country (or world) has to go through some lean times in order to change the world for the better, I think that’s a worthwhile sacrifice.

I would gladly choose “love thy neighbor” over “big screen TV’s in every home.”

I’ll admit I am ignorant in economic matters. Please contribute your insights to the “Economic Collapse” message board.


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