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"recession I "

So yesterday I had a really good talk with Dmitry, one of the other founders of

We discussed the potential for a world recession as a result of the attacks. The airlines are already laying off thousands. This morning it looks like the stock market is hanging in there, but Iím not too smart about these things.

I was thinking about what I could do to help.

What if I bought a new computer today?

Iíve been wanting one, but didnít really *need* one yet.

What if I took out some nest egg money or a loan and spent it on something Iíve been wanting?

Iím giving money to the Red Cross, too. But its my understanding that our economy is in huge danger of taking a dive. And it would dishearten me if the terrorists were able to create a ripple effect of financial suffering to compound the physical and mental suffering we are already experiencing.

So by buying something big this week, would I be helping fight the potential collapse? (I mean if enough of us did this)

If anyone has knowledge about economics, Iíd love to hear why this does or doesnít make sense to do.

It seems like a pretty easy way to help. You are helping the nationís economy, and you are also satisfying your selfish wants. How cool would that be?

Saving for a rainy day? Its rainingÖ.why donít you buy yourself something nice!

Somebody with economic know-how, help me out: What kind of companies / stores should I shop at? American owned? Corporations? Mom and Pop? Is there a ďbetterĒ way to push my money into the economic system?

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