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Yesterday, my dad was on the front page of the San Diego paper.

Now, normally, when someone in my family is on the front page, it is accompanied with an FBI description and a list of known aliases.

But this was different.

After weeks of media coverage and courtroom craziness, Dad handed down a ruling on the controversial red light cameras in Ssan Diego.

Everyone in town has an opinion about it. “Its fucking Big Brother, man! Next they’ll be installing cameras in the public restroom where my favorite glory holes are!!!”

His job was not to decide if the cameras sucked, but if they were legal according to the existing laws (that have been created by representatives of the people).

He listened to 9 days of arguments about the intricacies of the case.

Kinda makes me feel ignorant about coming to any sort of conclusion based on a few headlines and water cooler conversations.

But this kind of thinking is true so often: People try to force our insanely complex world into hard-edged compartments.

But the world doesn’t work that way.

I didn’t envy his position. TV cameras were in the courtroom every day. He became a “regular” on local news. It was a stressful place to be, I’m sure.

He finally ruled that the cameras were not unconstitutional, but they were far too unreliable to be acceptable evidence in court.

I trust his judgement.

He is a just man. I am proud he is my Dad.


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