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"Paul "

The Lustmonkeys (my Burning Man family) have a history of overcoming adversity.

A broken generator in ‘99.

Arrested campmates and total camp destruction in 2000.

Those setbacks were devastating at the time, but they seem so minor now.

This weekend one of our campmates died.

Paul (aka “Pablo”) lost his life in a motorcycle accident.

He was new to our circle. I met him a couple months ago. But his enthusiasm and good vibe was quickly making him a part of our core. We extended hugging arms to him and he embraced us back. He was a Lustmonkey. I suppose from the outside, that may not seem like much of a statement. But, to me, its like calling him my brother.

Did I know him well? No. But I spent enough time with him to feel his kindness and generosity. Knew him well enough to appreciate the positivity he brought to the world.

I have trouble thinking of anything except his smile. I think I’ll just let that memory linger.

Rest in Peace, Paul.

May you be surrounded in love and light.


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