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"DigitalPunk "

Chat transcript between me and DigitalPunk:

halcyon Does “Planet of The Apes” open today?

DigitalPunk not sure

halcyon I wonder if Walburg’s got a prosthetic penis is this flick?

DigitalPunk Marky Mark!

halcyon he gives me good vibrations

DigitalPunk where's the freakin' Funky Bunch been?

DigitalPunk they're the true heroes

DigitalPunk I want more funky bunch

halcyon "The fall of the Funky on Behind the Music"

DigitalPunk Do they even rate a "Behind the Music"?

halcyon turns out "funky" was a reference to their odor

DigitalPunk "Behind the one Video they made"

DigitalPunk "Behind the Bar they tend now"

halcyon "Yeah, see it was MY idea to have Mark work out with

cinderblocks...he'd be NOBODY without me!"

DigitalPunk "Behind the driver on the Bus they take to Work"

halcyon heh

DigitalPunk Cinder blocks

DigitalPunk I work out with cinder blocks all the time

DigitalPunk they're so versatile and simple

halcyon we need to open a "Funky Bunch Gym"

halcyon just cinder blocks and old dance music

DigitalPunk cinder blocks are the one-piece full-body workout equip.

DigitalPunk can we listen to CC and The Music Factory?

DigitalPunk or were CC and The Music Factory mortal enemies of the

funky bunch?

halcyon There were a few border skirmishes

halcyon but they have a peace treaty now

DigitalPunk Maybe they had a fight like in "Beat it"

DigitalPunk where they basically held hands and looked longingly at

each other

halcyon yeah, they danced away their differences

DigitalPunk some fight

DigitalPunk I was a fighter in that video

halcyon I worked at the diner

DigitalPunk I still have a jerry curl juice stain in my red leather jacket

halcyon think of it as a "Head autograph" not a stain

DigitalPunk right


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