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"dildo "

As I get poorer, my schemes…er, “financial planning” becomes more creative.

Most ideas, I never follow through with. Hopefully the one I had last night is one of those that stays in the land of “whimsical idea.”

Here it is:

A custom molded latex penis (aka “dildo”) combined with adult website subscription.

Purchase price includes a replica of my genitals (called a “satellite cock” in the packaging materials) and a month subscription to a webcam where I have set times for “digital dates.”

At the set times, I masturbate on cam. Subscribers then have access to my penis (or a clone of it) so we can have a close approximation of physical intimacy. If the subscriber has a webcam, I could actually watch my online partners pleasure “me” to make the digital encounter go full circle.

Combine this with dildonics (access to sex toys vibration controls via the net) and you have a sexual experience that’s never been done before.

Maybe I should work on my resume, instead.


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