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As happy as I am with TheRealHouse, I think it can be so much more.

We all have more potential. We re-read the Manifesto and agreed that we all can push ourselves to be more.

So we’re considering the summer solstice to be the end of the first “Season.” Season Two will begin on July 1.

Kinda like how there are “seasons” for television shows. We decided we need those. It provides us good goal markers and transition times. Like people moving in and out of the house, launching new ideas, or just an opportunity to re-focus our energies.

I’ve been a part of 4 people leaving the House so far. Some left amicably, some not. I think it would be easier for everyone if we had some pre-established transition points.

Or times of re-evaluation.

This next season is going to be more intense than the first. We all need to commit more to this house as art project.

I need to ask myself and make sure I’m really ready for a bigger commitment. So does everyone in the House.

I thanked everyone in the room for their work on my first season on TRH.

And then I invited everyone to re-apply for Season Two.

Everyone needs to submit a list of their goals for themselves and the house. Consider this an audition. We’ll be posting our lists and using each other as a support groups to motivate each other to reach our goals.

Whether they are physical, emotional, or professional goals. Long or short-term. We want to use this opportunity to motivate ourselves to LIVE MORE.

And we invite everyone to have a “Season Two.” Let’s all post our goals and hold each other to them. A friend isn’t someone who forgives you when you are lazy…a friend is someone who holds you to your word (even when you don’t want to hear it.)

We all need to shed our insecurities and BE our inner rock stars.

While also working on in becoming more vulnerable. While growing mentally and spiritually.

We need to use the house to challenge ourselves creatively. I sometimes visualize the House as personal trainer. A Monday deadline helps keep me motivated and on track.

And if we can make this environment into what it *could* be? I mean, that would be something to be proud of.

Heck, we could change the world.

Re-application deadline is Wednesday for current housemates.

(If you are interested in applying to be a new Housemate, you have till Friday to fill out an online application. You don’t have to answer everything on it. But make sure you address the goal stuff I mentioned.)

We will begin to make this a seasonal process.

Even if you don’t live in the house, we’d love to have you participate virtually. Post your goals. Keep us updated on your progress. We can ALL live more fully. Especially if we help each other.


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