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"critics "

Someone called into the radio show 2 weeks ago to apologize. It was one of the people that publicly accused me of being in on the Kaycee fraud.

I was impressed that they were making attempts to clear it up. I quickly accepted the apology. And thanked her for her role in all this mess.

Someone has to keep the bad people at bay.

If everyone was a rose-tinted optimist, then we would be easy prey. Until the bad people are gone, it’s good to have warriors that are willing to attack the darkness.

I’m in the groups that tries to shine light, but we still need people to attack dark.

It works the same way as promoting positivity vs. fighting negativity. All people can’t do both. So its not a bad idea to split into teams.

“The Mighty Optomists” whose mascot would be a rainbow or unicorn. And “The Critics” who would be represented by a crime-fighting Superhero of some sort. Or maybe McGruff the crime dog.

Critics clean up the place. Optimists forge forward.

It’s like a fullback - striker relationship on a soccer field. A Forward is never gonna score if he is constantly thinking defensively. The defense frees the offense.

Some of us need to clean up the bad. Some of us need to spread the good. Someone has to help the abused kids. Someone else needs to teach the parents.

Its up to us to figure out where our passions lie. Between the two teams, we can make a difference.


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