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While I was trying to sort through this whole Kaycee mess, and trying to validate the internet as a medium of love in my head, I recieved the email below. Kaycee may not be real, but the love that circulates on the net IS.

" Thank you for creating

CX has become the place where I go to relax and be myself. Writing for me is therapy and with my weblog I can speak my mind, but at the same time get responses from people who might be going through the same experiences that I am. I love it. This is why it was important for me to write to you and tell you that you are dear in my heart. In the past few weeks chats with other members at CX have kept me sane and at times saved my life when I thought to end it all. When I thought life itself had no meaning and I was at the end of the line; your citizens have lead me back to the play ground of life. I AM PROUD TO BE A CITIZEN IN YOUR CREATION.

Some people leave this earth without knowing how many lives they saved and touched, because the "saved" either don't realize it and/or do not have the courage to verbalize it. However, I give you my heart. I have the courage to say it out loud, that you have saved a life, my life."

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