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Last night MissM and I played a game with another couple.

After a dinner filled with cosmos-bending conversation, we discussed dessert. I proposed a game.

“Lets hit a grocery store, and each of us buy something that would be fun to feed the others while they were blindfolded.”

We agreed that the foods should be “dessert-appropriate.” That meant no pork rinds or raw meat.

We gave ourselves 15 minutes and then broke off into two teams. As MissM and I started cruising the aisles, the fun started. What would be cool to have fed to you while you are blindfolded? Think about taste. Think about texture. Crunchy or chewy? Wet? Slippery? Sweet? Tart?

We got chocolate pudding, a pear, canned mandarin oranges (they’ve always felt like little tongues to me), and a lemon yogurt.

Occasionally we’d pass our friends in an aisle. We both quickly covered up our culinary stashes. The surprise is half the fun.

Now it gets tricky (and potentially sticky.) You have to communicate and figure out how intimate a game you are willing to play. You could sit at a table, but we decided to have the first couple, strip to their underwear, embrace each other and get comfortable. Then we blindfolded them and started opening our various treats.

We fed them oranges, we fed them pieces of pear. We gave them spoonfuls of pudding. Sometimes we would encourage them to kiss, then drop a dollop of pudding onto their lips to make its way into their mouths. It becomes like a performance. We become food artists: presenting spoonfuls of taste like a painter does brushstrokes. We create a world of sensory experience.

There was much laughing and gasping.

The taste sensations are intensified without sight. You truly become absorbed in the intricacies of each taste and texture. And without context, it is sometimes difficult to recognize familiar tastes. “Oh!! I know this…wait, it’s not caramel…what is it?!” We often neglect taste in our visually-focused lives. The blindfolds and the passive act of being fed allows us to experience things very differently than normal.

After a sufficient amount of tasting and licking, we traded positions. M and I were fed sour gummy candy, fresh strawberries, hot cherry pie, and two flavors of Ben and Jerry’s.

Lying there, holding my lover, while culinary art was performed in my mouth…it was incredible. I’d like to share more, but where the game went from there is probably best left between those involved. No good chef would share all his secrets. ;)

Note: If you decide to play this game with your lover or friends, make sure you communicate boundaries ahead of time. And understand that you can stop at any time if you feel uncomfortable. If you can’t stand the heat, don’t be embarrassed to get out of the kitchen.


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