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Love of my life:

Forgive me when I become blinded by my own melodrama.

Forgive me when my stresses infringe upon our bliss.

Forgive me when I appear to take you for granted.

Because I assure you, I do not.

You are my greatest blessing. You are the brightest indicator from the universe that I am on the right path. Having you in my life multiplies my joy and reduces my sorrow.

You are the world’s diamond earrings. A perfect accessory. Every step you take compliments the universe. If you graced my path with a night, I would be blessed. That you are in my life every day, I consider a gift beyond words.

If I spent my days in a coal mine, it would be worth it if I could continue to spend my mornings cuddling with you.

Waking with you is heaven on earth.

Sunlight peeks through our window while the flowers outside sing odes to your beauty.

In the netherworld of waking, my mind has yet to settle into the compartments of reality. Instead I know only your skin, your smile, your sighs.

We roll into countless embraces, always searching for ways to touch more completely --

Thighs, backs of knees, belly, shoulder, cheek, lips.

You are my angel. Reminding me of love’s potential.

I love you deeply. I am grateful for you.

I am yours.


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