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Two female friends of mine created (totally separate) art projects recently that were focused around their naked bodies. As someone who often centers web page designs around my own half-naked image, I appreciated the work greatly.

And just as I am sometimes called narcissistic or “cocky,” these women were criticized, as well. Some people don’t like it when others get too big for their britches.

One made a birthday invite for their 35th birthday. The invite had a tasteful picture of her topless. She looked amazing. Proud, beautiful, glowing. I smiled immediately when I saw it.

Unfortunately, someone else felt she was being uncouth. “You think you’re all that!?” Here was a woman embracing her inner goddess and shamelessly spreading that light and love. Yet, someone’s first instinct was to try to knock her down.


I told her that the invite (and she) was beautiful. Being modest was a disservice to herself and the people around her. In fact, shining that inner light brightly is the greatest thing she could do for the world. Exalting yourself is not a selfish act. It is a gift to everyone around you.

Shining her own light allows and encourages others to shine theirs.

Another friend put a picture in their weblog with them undressed, sexy and sassy. Someone commented that she had “let fame go to her head.”

Ugh. I’ve said in the past that there are too many eagles pretending to be chickens. It’s unfortunate that when people begin to soar like eagles, the chickens feel a need to throw rocks.

I feel like grabbing them by their chicken lapels and saying, “How about this: Instead of trying to bring them back down, why not focus and bringing yourself up? You, too, are an eagle waiting to happen.”

I hereby give everyone permission to embrace your inner goddess and act out your inner rock star. Go live loudly!!

If anyone says anything negative, tell them you have a doctor’s note excusing you from being meek.


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