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We used to go to these full moon drum circles at Black’s Beach. Every full moon, the dreadlocked and crusty would converge upon San Diego’s only nude beach for drumming and naked dancing in front of the fire.

Originally, I’m sure it was just the hardcore people. The ones who brought the wood, I imagine. But the circles got to be immense. In the summer, when the nights are warm, it was magical. I’ve seen hundreds of people show up to drum and dance naked.

I remember one warm night, we decided to take a break from the drumming and go skinny dipping.

I shucked my clothes and put them in a pile near the outskirts of the congregation.

Sometime while swimming, the gathering decided to all join hands. The drumming stopped and all 200 or so people were holding hands in an immense circle. Of course, the diameter of the circle was much larger when holding hands then it was when everyone was huddled around the fire and sitting on blankets.

So, when I emerged form the water, my clothes pile was now *inside* the circle of people. Hmmm. I’m naked and wet, and my clothes are inside this human “fence.” What to do?

I joined the circle, of course. Without words, I opened two people’s clasped hands and made room for another link in this human chain. Hopefully, my new neighbors were comfortable touching a wet, naked guy.

I suppose if you couldn’t handle it, you had no business being at a full moon drum circle.


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