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I think there is good and bad porn in the same way there are good and bad drugs.

I support personal freedom to extreme levels, so I favor people’s rights to pump their bodies full of whatever they want. You want to be a smack junkie? You want to chain-smoke cigarettes?

Fine. Those are personal choices.

In the same way that it’s a personal choice to be a gameshow-addicted couch potato.

It’s none of my business. It’s none of the government’s business. Just don’t infringe upon anyone else’s freedoms in order to support your habits. ( Don’t go to work intoxicated, don’t steal for drug money, don’t parent your child while drunk. )

But I do think there are better and worse vices.

NOTE: This is a PERSONAL line in the sand I’ve drawn. I think every person should draw this line for themselves.)

Marijuana, Alcohol, Hallucinogens, Antibiotics, Codeine, Nitrous Oxide, Aspirin, Caffeine all are “friendly” drugs if not abused.

Cocaine, Crystal Meth, Crack, Heroin, Ketamine, gas/glue fumes are “ugly” drugs. That doesn’t mean doing them makes you a bad person, it just means that they have a stronger potential for ickiness and deceit.

I have a similar line in my head about pornography.

I believe we should have the legal rights to produce and view whatever we want. But I do think there is good and bad porn. What we indulge in is a personal choice.

Good porn are the ones with a budget. A professional cameraman (not just a guy with a camcorder). A makeup person. Editing. And women who are stars.

I like to see women who are sexual performers and artists. NOT women who are simply allowing themselves to be fucked on camera.

Bad porn is cheap and feels dirty. The women don’t appear to be stars, they appear to be victims. The men aren’t attractive and the women appear “subjected” to some gross man’s ejaculation. Nothing makes something into “bad” porn faster than seeing in the woman’s eyes that she is horrified by the semen on her face…just praying that the director will call “cut” soon so she can get a towel, collect her money and go home.

Some porn empowers women. Some porn demeans them. If you want to see a woman strong in her sexuality, check out Jenna Jameson. She is almost always in control. Even when being bent into Kama Sutra position fit for a bendy toy, she still maintains her dignity. This, I find incredibly erotic. (see DreamQuest)

Unfortunately, there is a whole industry of “darker” porn. Porn that intentionally exploits women. Where the box covers talk about “reaming young girls’ asses for the first time.” Max Hardcore is actually famous for demeaning young women verbally as he has sex with them. I guess it is to play into the cheerleader resentment that so many of us developed in high school. But it still disturbs me.

Again, I still feel we should have the legal right to make and watch whatever we want. But I think we all need to draw the line for ourselves.

For some people, “just say no” is the best solution (for drugs or porn or fast food or…). And that’s great! Just so long as the individual is making that decision, and not the legislature.

Personal freedom. Personal responsibility. Personal choice.

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