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MissM and I actually do quite a bit of public play. Well, not performances, really. But we live in a webcam house, and blindfolds and sensual play are part of our normal life. We strive to live normally in the house, so people are treated to a sometimes more extreme sensuality than what they are used to.

But I think its good for people to stretch their awareness.

I’m not ashamed that my girlfriend used a vibrator on me last night. Others shouldn’t be. I love being blindfolded and bound, but not so much spanked. I think it is good for people to hear people have these dialogues so that they can explore these ideas internally and with a partner.

We do a monthly “Globalgasm” where we invite the entire planet to pursue sexual release at the same time. 8pm, the first of every month is a webcam-fueled digital orgy. Whether by yourself, with a toy, or with a partner. And combined with webcam community, we can all see each other (not just the people in TheRealHouse).

We had an awesome discussion about vocal climaxes surrounding the May1st Globalgasm. I find that screaming (or at least opening myself to screaming) allows me to release more fully. Like I am ejaculating from every cell. Like my body is merely a tube by which cosmic sexual energy shoots through.

Well, since I do this often, and on cam, it is a known thing. Several people explored vocal climaxes this May 1st Globalgasm (2 who live in the house and were masturbating solo that night).

Not only did the people experience new levels of release, but their aural vibrations turned on dozens of other people. The chat rooms were buzzing with talk about how the sounds and sights of other people heightened the sexual mood. It was pretty awesome. This concept of a digital orgy is revolutionary. It is using new technologies and digital spaces to compound separate sexual energies into a single, larger sexual experience.


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