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From a series of questions about 'Fame' from a Chicago Tribune reporter

"Why do you publish in The Real House/et cetera? Does it have anything to do with trying to become famous?"

I would love to have a larger audience. Is having a large audience the same as being famous? It might be.

I love telling stories. I love making people laugh and think. I love inspiring people to become better people. I share my perspectives, my life, and my pursuit of shameless, love-filled living online. Hopefully people pull their own inspirations from it.

I live loudly. By pushing boundaries, I hope to allow others to push their own boundaries. Itís easier to wear a pink shirt and still feel masculine when there is a guy next door (or online) wearing pink fur pants.

Or if I get tied up and explore bondage publicly on cam, maybe someone else will have the courage to step out of their comfort zone and explore something they werenít previously comfortable with.

I have no interest in being known simply for living in a webcam house. I would, however, like to be known for my web projects like, and CockyBastard. I live in the House and Work on the web as ways to explore the digital frontier. To me this is as exciting as it gets: Using new digital technologies as artistic avenues for self expression and world inspiration. If I can gain fame as a digital explorer, I would be thrilled.

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