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The world is spiritually sick. America at least. I canít really speak on behalf of the rest of the world.

But we are sick. I didnít agree with the solution offered in the book, ďFight Club,Ē but I agree with the diagnosis.

Capitalism is cool in a lot of ways. But when commerce is valued over integrity, weíre in trouble. When an executive feels that the pressure from stockholders is stronger than the pressure from his conscience, something is awry.

What will it take to open peopleís eyes?

I imagine it will take a plague. Some virus will be flushed out of the Amazon brush to infect the world. As millions die, the remaining will wake.

A 100,000 mile drive train warranty loses its appeal when life is fleeting.

Weíll begin to see SUVís as the golden calves that they are.

The great spiritual leaders all embraced poverty. But their modern-day followers conveniently ignore the lessons that contradict the rat race that they live in.

I am as guilty of this as anyone. My mouth waters at the sight of digital toys and faster processors.

The Television tells me I should have a flat screen high definition television. Somehow that becomes a louder voice than that of Jesus.

(Iím speaking of America. Jesus is the neglected savior of choice, here. Iím not as familiar with the spiritual bastardizations in other countries.)

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