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A long time ago my mom noticed that the kids were not as enthusiastic about Easter egg hunts anymore.

At some point you realize that a hardboiled egg-- warmed in the sun-- just isn’t that appealing. Sure, the pastel colored dye seeping onto the gelatinous egg white does have it’s own charm, but not enough to motivate me and my brother to go wading through the bushes looking for the little shelled booty.

Mom summoned her inner marketing guru, and decided that the whole tradition needed a facelift. Something with more “zazz.” Ya know, something to appeal to the 18-25 target demographic.

Then one Easter Sunday, about the time when we normally would do an Easter egg hunt, Mom presented us with our empty Easter baskets. Except instead of plastic-made-to-look-like-wicker, they were cardboard six-pack holders filled with shredded green plastic grass.

Mom had hidden dozens of imported and microbrew beers around the yard. Plus a few cans of an Ensure for Grandpa and some wine coolers for Grandma.

Now we all get excited about the yearly Easter Beer Hunts and the quarterly reports show that public opinion of Easter has soared.

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