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"happy "

Did I mention that life is good?

My health is good. My network of friends is strong. My family relations are wonderful. My work is rewarding. My love life is blissful. Life is an adventure.

I had the realization last night, that as I approach 30, I am as happy as Iíve ever been. Thatís a nice realization to have.

Jacob said last night that the ego fills our head with reasons not to be happy with our current situation. ďIíll be happy once I get that job. Iíll be happy once I lose 10 pounds. Iíll be happy whenÖĒ

Itís not the events in our life that matter. Itís our perceptions of them.

Itís not that your girlfriend left you, itís that you think she shouldnít have.

Itís not that you are poor, itís that you think you shouldnít be.

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