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"feedback "

When I get bad feedback I try to listen to it and sit with it for a bit.

Well, at least the negative feedback that is reason-based (I tend to ignore the "you suck!" and "Your a FAG" emails)

But sometimes people have very insightful perspectives. Sometimes I *am* kidding myself. Sometimes I *am* clueless. And sometimes it takes someone (or many people) from the outside to point that out to me.

A good friend once said that, as much as I turn myself inside out on cockybastard, it's still just an elaborate mask.

It's true, of course. Being in the editor's seat allows me to control the way I present myself. It's one of my motivations for moving into TheRealHouse. If I'm bullshitting about my perspectives and the way I live my life, it will be very obvious under the watchful eyes of 24 hour cameras.

I will continue to try to spew honestly. Whether or not that spew resonates with people will have to be secondary.


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