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"Harvey "

After Larry Harvey gave his talk at SXSW, my girlfriend (MissM) and I hung out with Larry and Maid Marian for 20 minutes or so. (Larry is the founder of Burning Man. Marian is the "Mistress of Communication" )

For us it was like two devout Catholics getting to shoot the shit with the Pope. We actually had dinner plans, but they had to cancel last minute.

Maid Marion said, "I was at the Webbies and when I saw you get on stage I said, 'that's a guy that should go to Burning Man.' The person next to me said, ĎHe *has* been. He writes about it on his site.í I was overjoyed."

I told her that I didnít dress this way until after I'd been. I was in a state of bliss one day on the playa, covered in fur and sparkle when I had the realization: What prohibits me from living this way in my "normal" life?

Now I try to live every day with the "participant" attitude I learned at Burning Man.

I told her that when MissM and I went to Amsterdam, we brought 5 pairs of fur pants. We didnít see ourselves as Tourists, we were like neighboring camps on the Playa. Leaning and enjoying their vibe, and bringing a little of our vibe to share.

Her eyes lit up and she smiled big. It felt great to tell someone that a project they dedicate their life to has not only changed a personís life, but started a chain reaction of positive change. It felt great to share the joy.

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