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Yesterday I turned down a lucrative consulting job.

I could have made enough in 2 months to last me through the year.

But it would involve staying in Los Angeles 4 nights a week (away from my life and lover).

I felt the pressure of my socialization squeezing me from inside. I should take this job. Of course I should. It’s a lot of money…what if I can’t find a job when I need it? A responsible adult works hard and takes advantage of financial opportunities…blah, blah, blah.

But then I thought about my personal goals.

Pursuing love, cultivating friendships, finding joy. Those are my goals.

How would going to LA meet those goals?

I am madly in love and staggeringly happy right now.

To leave this bliss I’ve found for a fat paycheck would be the wrong decision.

So I told the client, that no, I wasn’t available.

My heart rate went through the roof and I felt regret start to creep up the back of my legs.

Then I crawled into bed and cuddled with my lover.


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