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"fork "

Sometimes, when confronting a fork in life’s road, choosing a path can be daunting.

It is easy to obsess about making the “right” decision.

I used to be paralyzed. But as I learn more about my world, I learn how intricate it is. There are no blacks and whites. Only an infinite variety of grays.

I find solace in the understanding that, if there is no black and white, I can never be 100% wrong.

Or 100% right.

There are many sides to every perspective. Many paths from every fork. I just try to avoid making decisions based on fear, and try to maximize the good.

I try to put myself in the future and look back at the decision. “How will I wish I would have handled this?”

I may look back and see that the choice was not ideal, but it was the best I could do with the understanding I had at the time.


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