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I wrote this almost 5 years ago:

I'm 25 years old, I have my nipple pierced, I enjoy bungee jumping and loud music...and I love gardening.

It all started out innocently enough...a house plant to liven up my first apartment. You know, make the chicks think I was sophisticated. But my little split-leaved philodendron quickly became much more than furniture. In its sunny windowside location it quickly began sprouting new leaves. And when that first flawless, kermit-colored infant leaf began to unroll itself --assert itself as a photosynthesizing contributer to this rooted life-source -- I was hooked. I treasured that leaf with pride and joy.

Anyone who visited our pad was introduced to the plant and its vibrancy. In time my roomates and I named the plant. We gradually aquired 5 more plants and grew fond of each. In an attempt to get even closer to the life cycle, I tried to grow a plant from seeds. When I put together lifeless soil, a shriveled seed, some agua and sunbeams...I created life. Out of nothing comes this beauty -- this fragile, perfect sprout grasping for the sun. It was like having a baby-- a slow moving, dim-witted baby-- but, it had life and personality all the same.

I used to mock gardening... now I've begun to appreciate other gardens, flowers along the highway, and cacti in the canyon. I check out gardening books from the library and I enjoy browsing Nurseryland. I had my doctor check my Testosterone production and he said I was fine...just maturing. I now have 15 houseplants and have planted flowers, ferns, radishes, squash, eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes for the Spring.

A sprouting stem, a new leaf, a budding flower...its so perfect. So truly natural and beautiful, you can feel the life energy can feel the budding plants tickle your soul.


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