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"explorer "

I was naked on my bed Sunday afternoon, tangled around MissM.

Ashlee and Flare were in the room. So were the two photographers from Details magazine.

We were posing a picture for a Details article about high tech gadgets.

I wonder if anyone was watching the scene via the House webcams.

I wonder if they would be shocked. Or amused. Or aroused.

The crazier my life gets, the less crazy it seems.

The more I break down boundaries, the more I wonder why I had the boundaries in the first place.

I suppose I should be careful. I don’t want to find myself in the emergency room, explaining to the receptionist why I need to have the endangered Peruvian iguana extracted from my colon,

“You want to know *how* the little guy got up there? That’s a good question, Ma’m…I’m not really sure….First I got used to showering in front of a webcam…then my boundaries started eroding…I guess the momentum kinda carried me.”

Well, before you start worrying, I distributed an extensive list of written guidelines of what can and can’t be placed in my rectum. (Peruvian iguanas are NOT on the list. Neither are dental tools or anything sold at Crate & Barrel.)

I’m in explorer mode. Life is an adventure. I’m trying to chronicle it all as best I can, ‘cause…well, that’s what I do.


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