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(email to grandpa following surgery)


How are you? How did the operation go?

You were in my thoughts yesterday.

I wanted to say 'thank you' for your frank description of your body's challenges last week. Often people candy-coat the messy stuff too much. But it's stuff I think I should know.

You are a part of my genetic cycle. You are an extension of me. Your cells are the same as my cells with a few more memories attached to them.

You are my future.

I find that very comforting.

And I appreciate you sharing the situation of "our" body.

Life is cycles within cycles within a cycle. And learning to embrace your current point in a cycle is critical to get the most out of the life journey.

You seem to look upon your body and the medical miracles that aid it with wonder. Rather than curse your body for letting you down at this point in the cycle, You thank it for the years of service.

You have no idea the powerful influence you and grandma have had on my worldview. I feel lucky to know you as people. And I feel truly blessed to be your offspring.

I am sending you healing energy and pray for your speedy recovery.


Grandson John

September 27, 2000


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