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"preach "

I actively discourage anyone younger than eighteen from trying

drugs. My feeling is, "Wait."

I waited until I graduated High School before trying pot. And I'm grateful I waited.

I would NOT have had the opportunities I do now, if I was smoking pot in High School.

So I get bummed when I see high school kids living a lazy stoner life.

Or when I see 15 year old kids on Exstacy.

It makes me so sad.

I am NOT saying that drugs are bad. Just that drug-related-decisions are not to be made

until you're in college.

Life can be so amazing, as-is.

If you can learn to see *that*

If you can get to a point where you see the miracle of

each day...of the cloud...of the shape of a babies ear...of the pattern

on a flower petal....

Then you are watching the full motion movie that drugs just

provide Polaroids of.

june 10, 2000

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