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"funk "

I just caught myself falling into a funk.

That's what I call the down side of the emotional cycle.

When I'm depressed, I label it a funk.

Because labeling it -- calling it a phase of some sort -- reminds me that it's temporary.

If I can say, "Oh, I'm just in a funk." Then that means I'm acknowledging that the world isn't really like this. It doesn't really suck. It just *feels* that way right now because I'm in a funk.

Catching myself doesn't stop it from happening, but it does make it easier to bear. Like if I *know* I've just eaten bad clams, I'm gonna be less stressed about the violent vomiting and hallucinations.

It doesn't feel any better, but at least I know why it's happening…and that it will pass eventually.

june 24, 2000


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