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"fresco "

I'm learning that radio is a much different medium than HTML.

When I'm making a webpage, I take time to write, edit, design, then upload it to the web. Then I can keep tweaking it as I notice ways to improve it. (Or as people email me with stupid typos.)

When I say something on the radio, it's done.

I can't take it back. I can't edit it. I can't tweak it to make myself look

less stupid. Heck, it's even archived. So if you missed my blunder when it was

live, it'll be waiting for you in all its streaming glory.

But ya know what? I kinda like it.

It's thrilling.

Like working without a safety net. Balls to the wall.

Since you can't go back…ya might as well charge forward.

I bet Michelangelo got excited when he was doing frescoes in wet plaster…also thrilled by the idea that you can't go back.

There's probably a life lesson in there somewhere.

August 10, 2000


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