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"miracle "

My grandpa is turning 88 next week.

Every morning he wakes up and says, "Holy shit. Another day. It's a miracle."(I'm paraphrasing.)

He's right.

The planet is made up of miracles inside of miracles inside of miracles.

The challenge is setting up your mindset so you can see them.

It's easy to see a half-full glass or a traffic jam.

It's hard to see the dandelion on the side of the road...blooming, photosynthesizing, generating energy, creating life, spreading it's seed to the wind in eternal mobius strip of life and energy.

And that's all in a weed.

Stare at the leaves of that weed and you see a network of veins carrying nutrients sucked from DIRT.
Stare with microscope and there's a universe of craziness happening below the surface.

Miracles inside miracles inside miracles.

If you can get to a place where you can allow yourself to see these miracles, then life is such a gift.

An overwhelming, awe-inspiring gift.

There is infinite matter in the universe. And, against all odds, my chunk of matter has the gift to not only experience the miracles around me, but to ponder them as well.

What a rare, rare, treat.

I'm not there yet, but I aspire to be at a place where I can say every morning,

"Holy shit. Another day. It's a miracle."

March 24, 2000

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