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"somber "

I friend of mine has been battling cancer.

It's affected me. I've cried many tears.

So when several people suggested I do something on my radio show for her, it sounded like a great idea.

As the broadcast approached, I tried to put some notes together for how I'd do the show. I'd already heard from her Mom that a phone call with our little fighter would be out of the question.

So, what, then?

Have people call-in with tear-filled testaments of love and support which we would then burn to CD and send her?

That was a possibility.

But the format of the show has been about sex and sex-related things.

And the goal of the show is to be entertaining.

And I'd been crying a lot already.

So, I decided that we'd dedicate the show to her. And I'd bring people's attention to her, in hopes that they would send her a little healing energy. Whether it's prayer, meditation, or whatever…I believe in the power of healing energy from outside people.

So, on the show I announced some URLs where people could post messages to her and said that since my friend is a fun, laughing person, a show dedicated to her should be fun and laughing, too. She wouldn't want to know we were all crying about her.

Then I went on to talk about blowjobs and other offensive stuff.

Afterwards I got some email about it. People were disappointed in me, I think. Why must I always talk about sex? Why couldn't I have been more serious?

I apologize if people question my judgment in the matter. I assure you I want nothing more than her recovery. If crying on the air for an hour would have helped that, then that's what I would have done. Heck, considering my menatl state, it would have been easy.

My only intention was to focus some energy toward her healing. I didn't see how projecting my sadness to everyone listening would do that. We can be somber and serious at her funeral in 70 years or so.

Until then, my compassion will be sent with smiles. I hope you understand.

September 14, 2000


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