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"fraud "

I sometimes think of how much my attractiveness has affected my view of the world.

(I can act coy, but I recognize that I have been blessed with good genes.)

If I was heavier would I still dress so freely?

Would I celebrate my perfectness if I had no legs?

Would I shake off the insults so easily if there were more imperfections to use as ammunition?

Am I a fraud?

Or is it okay that I love myself anyway, knowing full well that it might be easier for me because I'm pretty?

It's not as courageous to stand on a speaker and dance when you have abs.

I hope the physical body is just the vessel for the ideas….and not more important than the words.

I hope the shell simply complements what's inside. Like an elegant cover to a book. Or a crystal glass to wine.

October 13, 2000


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