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"fallen "

This weekend I told MissM that I loved her.

Our relationship has developed differently than any I’ve had in the past.

We started as ‘friends with privileges.’ You know the scenario? Basically, a booty-call type relationship with more inherent respect.

But then we started living together in TheRealHouse. Then we went to Amsterdam together. I discovered that behind the sexual artist that I initially knew, was an incredible woman.

A woman of passion, artistry, positivity, and intense love.

I fell in love with her.

I think the moment I knew was in Amsterdam.

I looked in a shop window and saw myself in the reflection. I was dressed BRIGHTLY. Orange fur pants and an obnoxiously hued sweater. Then, next to me in the reflection, was MissM. Her clothes were equally bright, but she had added a neon pink wig to the equation.

It is rare that someone pushes my creative lunacy like that. It is a divine blessing when I am also insanely attracted to that person.



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