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"love "

Something has happened.

I have fallen in love.

Like prey to a trap laid in the woods, I have fallen.

My boss said, "John, you have a low threshold for love. Normal people have to get to a certain level before they can 'love' someone. But not you. If someone doesn't throw rocks at you, you love them."

That made me feel good to hear. I don't mind a reputation like that.

'Cause it's true. I do love everyone.

Why not? It's not like you're gonna run out of love? So why be stingy with it? Loving more can only be good for the universe.

True, it makes you vulnerable…but if you can handle it, love away!!!

However, this time, I'm not talking about "loving."

I'm talking about being "in" love.

I've only been "in" love 3 times in my life.

  • Monique.

  • Kim.

  • And now Yoni.

So, yes, this is significant.

She is amazing.

She makes my head spin.

She pushes my limits.

She makes me want to surrender to her.

She challenges me.

She soothes me.

She makes me glow.

She stretches the outline of who I am.

She is *SO* like me in many ways. And *SO* different in others.

So alike at times it's scary. So different at times it seems hopeless.

But not-trying doesn't even feel like an option.

After 2 weeks, I told her I loved her.

Someone asked me *how*…but I could only answer, "I just feel it."

I had to forfeit my comfort zone and throw logic out the window.

We spent New Years midnight naked and frolicking…surging with love and hope.

If you're open to it, there is a lot of love in the world.

It's nice to finally be rolling so deep in it.

Love is squishing in-between my toes and mashed in my ears.

I can smell it coating the inside of my nose and feel it caked -- sticky and still-moist - in the creases between my legs.

Yes. I am blanketed with love and it is an intoxicating thing.

I'm doing my best to spread some of that stickiness around.

Can you feel the love vibe I'm shooting out?

Jan 29, 2000


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