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I was the MC of this year's SXSW Interactive Award show. Here's a clip from my monologue:

"Meeting people in real life after reading their website can be odd.

People often say, "You look taller on your site."

"What screen resolution you running? 600x 480? Well, that explains it."

Of course, meeting people face-to-face is also when people realize the how much you've photoshopped your pictures.

FYI, I would caution against sending photoshopped nude photos to anyone you might eventually actually be naked with.

There's nothing quite so humbling than to have to explain that it was an actual photo…just run through the stretch filter a few times.

In the 8o's guys stuffed socks in their underwear. Now guys tweak their jpgs in an image editing program.

I think that qualifies as progress."

image: derek

march 14, 2000


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